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Alternative Ways to Deal with Depression

Depression is a medical condition that many people have to live with. The main symptoms and signs of depression include the following: feeling helpless or that things are hopeless, insomnia, loss of energy, loss of appetite, lack of focus and concentration, weight changes, reckless behavior, feeling angry, lack of interest in activities or daily life, feeling irritable, and significant weight gain.

There are many causes for depression. These include the following: financially hard times, becoming unemployed, lack of socialization with friends and family members, loneliness, relationship problems with a spouse or significant others, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, chronic feelings of pain, health issues, family history of alcoholism, stress, family history of depression, and suffering a trauma.

Clinical Trials, Studies and Publications:

Many people who suffer from depression are told to use pharmaceutical drugs such as Prozac, Zoloft, to treat their symptoms but this can be a bad idea. Narcotics often have side effects such as headaches, nausea, feeling jittery, drowsiness, constipation, dry mouth, blurred vision, erectile dysfunction, urinary and bladder issues. Some patients who have been prescribed anti-depressants such as those under the age of 25 have had suicidal thoughts.

One alternative treatment that patients should consider is medical marijuana. Medical marijuana is a natural plant so it does not contain any potentially harmful chemicals that could have side effects. The plant is grown in the wild and has many medicinal benefits.

Medical marijuana can produce a euphoric effect in the brain which helps to deal with the symptoms of depression head on. Once the marijuana has been smoked, the patient will begin to be able to adjust the chemical imbalances that are in the brain so that they do not feel as lonely and depressed.

One issue that many depression patients face is that their anti-depressants can leave them feeling drowsy so that they are still in a funk. When medical marijuana is used, the person will feel virtually the same as they did before in a few hours which can help them have more energy and begin to get back to their daily routines.